Our Mission Arbor Youth Services provides safe alternatives for at-risk children, youth and their families through services and referrals that promote positive growth and development.  We envision a community partnership where all at-risk children and youth are strengthened and supported to regain ties with their family, their community and other encouraging adults. Our Services AYS provides the […]



Arbor Youth Services relies on the generosity of our community to ensure that many youth and shelter needs are met.  We are currently in need of the following: Hygiene supplies (deodorant, soap, hair brushes, etc.) Individually wrapped snacks (granola bars, peanut butter crackers, etc.) Sports equipment (balls, etc.) Twin sheets (white/new) Twin comforters (new) Towels […]



How YOU can be involved: Lead a Life Skills group Adopt a room to decorate at our shelter Help us maintain our garden Provide supervision on outings Join our Board of Directors Organize our donation room Mow the lawn or rake leaves Tutor our youth in basic math or science Organize a donation drive Recruit […]



Joshua Hampton

“Hello my name is Joshua Hampton and in 4 months time I became a full time college student, an active volunteer in helping my community and I became the person I always knew I could be…

BUT the road here wasn’t easy.  Before Arbor Youth Services, I was someone with big dreams but no drive. I was going through the toughest time in my life.

My parents had split up, I had been working on bettering myself but the environment I was in just wasn’t going to help me improve.  I had lived a life of mental self destruction… using marijuana and alcohol to escape from my problems and everything I didn’t want to deal with. People influenced the way I thought so much that I believed the negative things they said about me. A lot of times I just sat and questioned if life would be better if I wasn’t born.

The arguments me and my parents would get into took its toll on me to the point where I wouldn’t care about anything at all. At my lowest I didn’t care about anyone. When I told my mother I loved her there wasn’t any feeling to it. I had reached my goal of being emotionally numb so I didn’t have to care or worry about anyone but myself. Then everything changed the day my mother and I got into an argument…that was the last straw. She called the police and they suggested I stay at the Arbor Youth Services home. Read More